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These Quiet Streets // Re-Released by Dr Johns Surgery Records // 27.09.2019

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

These Quiet Streets, the debut e.p from Change the Letter is to be re-released under Dr. John's Surgery Records. Available on all major digital music platforms from Friday 27th September.

"These Quiet Streets’ by Change The Letter is a modern acoustic-pop powerhouse, with rhythmic melodies and gentle vocals embezzled with clarity and focus throughout. Lyrically rich and distinguishably creative whilst still maintaining familiar structures, each track trembles parallel with its own fragility and dynamic impact that really rounds of this five-song seductress"


Originally released May 10th 2019, These Quiet Streets is a collection of five tracks recorded at Studio City Plymouth with Marcin Dubiel.

Led by the popular single "Two Lovers", the e.p received positive reviews from fans and critics alike, and as a result the band were signed to DJSR Records (Dr. John's Surgery Records).

The e.p has since been re-released under DJSR and is currently available for streaming and download via the labels Eezy2 music store. These Quiet Streets will be available on all major digital platforms from the 27th September.

Be sure to add your favourite tracks from the e.p to your personal playlists.


We hope you will make These Quiet Streets a part of your streaming schedule. Be sure to follow on your favourite streaming platform and add to your personal playlists.

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