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Here Comes Christmas: Stream The First Christmas Song from Change the Letter

Tis the season to be jolly as Change the Letter release their festive debut "Here Comes Christmas". Available to stream and download on all major digital platforms.

"Here Comes Christmas" by Change the Letter released today
"Here Comes Christmas" by Change the Letter

1st December 2020 - Change the Letter have entered the world of christmas songs, as "Here Comes Christmas" dropped on the major streaming services today.

The track was written and recorded a couple of weeks prior to the 2nd UK Lockdown on November 5th.

Rob Griffiths came into a mid-October rehearsal with a finger-picked progression he had written that sounded stunning but, as Griffiths would put it, was a "bit too pretty for CTL."

Phillimore then piped up and said "Well lets make it a Christmas song then. We'll only have to play it once a year."

And that was that. The track was recorded a week later in Griffith's living room and mixed at home by Phillimore in time to meet the the Christmas distribution deadlines for the streaming services.

The duo are to feature on BBC Radio Cornwall tomorrow evening to discuss the track with Tiffany Truscott during the BBC Upload show. You can listen to the show live online and via the BBC Sounds app.

The official music video for "Here Comes Christmas" is embedded below for you to watch (also available to watch on YouTube). Due to restrictions on socialising in place throughout November during the 2nd UK lockdown, the video features an array of christmas decorations in place of the band members. It's very pretty, be sure to check it out.


Be sure to add the single to your Christmas playlists and make sure to tune into Radio Cornwall tomorrow night (2/12/2020) at 8:15pm to hear the track played live on air and listen to the band chat to Tiffany Truscott about the song, Christmas and more.

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