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Change the Letter...The Story So Far. Listen to Playlist on Spotify

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

With the 2nd anniversary of Change the Letter fast approaching, and a new single release dropping early November. Now seems like a good time to look back at the story so far, through way of music releases.

Blog post header 'Change the Letter the Story So Far...'
Change the Letter the Story So Far...

On October 27th 2020 Change the Letter will be celebrating their 2nd anniversary. This celebration falls just over a week before the release of the duos new single “Borrowed Time” - the 3rd single release from the duo since August. So with this, there is no better time to look back at the Change the Letter story so far...

Change the Letter promo shot dated Feb. 19 2019 (from left) Rob Griffiths, Rob Phillimore.
Change the Letter Feb. 19 2019


October 4th 2018 - Rob Phillimore posted an ad on Facebook looking for musicians to form a band, with ambitions to write, record and tour. You may or may not be aware, but forming a band is not the easiest of tasks in rural areas such as Cornwall.

However, if we bypass the inconsequential communications via Facebook from guitarists, bassists and drummers that led nowhere. We find ourselves with two Rob's meeting for a pint and a chat at the Rashleigh Arms, Charlestown.

Within the first few rehearsals the duo had three songs in the bank - "Whatever Will Be (Believe)", "Fake It" and "Just Another Morning" - which would end up on the duos' debut e.p recorded in March 2019.


March 23rd 2019 - the guys headed up to Studio City, Plymouth to record their debut e.p 'These Quiet Streets'.

During the session, five tracks were recorded - the aforementioned three plus "First to Fall" and "Two Lovers". The latter was never intended to be recorded in this session, nor even considered for inclusion on the record prior to. But as it was, time allowed for another track to be laid down in the session. Somewhat ironically, "Two Lovers" turned out to be the most popular track on the e.p.

These Quiet Streets was recorded and produced by Marcin Dubiel (who also played djembe on "Two Lovers") was released May 10th 2019, with artwork designed by Amf Armstrong (see below).

The e.p was briefly taken offline and re-released, following Change the Letter's signing to Dr John's Surgery Records, 27th September 2019. It has since been re-released once again independently after the band and label parted ways (amicably).


12th October 2019 - Change the Letter headed to Weston-Super-Mare to record a single at White Noise Studios. "Puppy Dog" was released December 11th 2019 through Dr. John's Surgery Records.

The original artwork for the single was designed by frontman Rob Phillimore, but a re-designed cover, designed by Ashley Myhill of Myhill Marketing, accompanied the tracks re-release following the departure from the label. Check out Myhill Marketing on Facebook.

Just one month after recording "Puppy Dog", Change the Letter embarked on their first international trip. Touring Berlin, Germany for 5 nights, playing Arcanoa, Hansbach Bar and more. Head over to the Berlin Tour blog post to read how the trip went.


2020 was looking to be a breakout year for the duo. A return tour of Europe was planned. Summer festival slots in the UK booked in the calendar. This was all put to pasture following the onslaught of covid-19 and the subsequent lockdown.

Once restrictions were eased and the duo were able, they wasted no time in getting back to the rehearsal room and began writing and recording, dropping the single "Heroes Winning" on the 17th August 2020.

Upon release, the track featured on multiple Spotify playlists and received airplay on BBC Radio. The guys were also invited live on air during the BBC Upload show on Radio Cornwall to discuss the single and more with Tiffany Truscott.

"Heroes Winning" was self produced by Change the Letter and released with artwork designed by Ashley Myhill of Myhill Marketing. Check out Myhill Marketing website

Artwor for "Heroes Winning" single by Change the Letter. Designed by Myhill Marketing.
"Heroes Winning" August 17th 2020


Heroes Winning was shortly followed by the release of "Late Night Lullaby" - a staple of the Change the Letter set for over a year prior.

Dropping on all the major digital music platforms on September 29th 2020 (with artwork designed by Rob Phillimore) the track opens up with a throwaway guitar lick that Rob Griffiths improvised at the end of a take "just for the fun of it" - some of the greatest things happen by accident eh?

Artwork for "Late Night Lullaby" single by Change the Letter. Designed by Rob Phillimore.
"Late Night Lullaby" September 29th 2020


Upcoming single "Borrowed Time" will be available to stream and download on all digital services from November 6th 2020 - sporting artwork designed by Rob Phillimore and accompanied by a self-produced music video, recorded by CTL in St Austell, Cornwall.


Keep coming back to and join CTL on social media to stay up to date with the latest on the new release.

Artwork for "Borrowed Time" single by Change the Letter. Designed by Rob Phillimore.
"Borrowed Time" 06/11/2020

Thank you for sticking with us on this journey through the Change the Letter story so far. Be sure to listen to the Spotify playlist (below) and follow CTL to be notified when "Borrowed Time" becomes available for streaming. Here's to the next 2 years and beyond...

Change the Letter live in Newquay, Cornwall. Newquay Sessions 2019.
Change the Letter - Newquay 2019