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Berlin to Cornwall: Change the Letter Return Home // Post-Berlin Tour Update

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Change the Letter returned home to Cornwall this past Sunday following 5 nights in Berlin. The duo spent their time in the German capital playing shows, drinking some German beer and sightseeing: visiting the East Side Gallery, Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie to name but a few. Scroll down for a brief post-tour recap.

19th November '19: HANSBACH BAR

CTL touched down in Berlin-Tegel Airport on Tuesday morning and spent a few hours in Alexanderplatz, checking out the Berliner Fernsehturm (TV Tower) and Weltzeituhr (World Clock), before making their way across the city towards the location of their first Berlin show - Hansbach Bar. The duo played a completely unplugged set, introducing their brand of roots rock to an appreciative audience, kicking off the Berlin tour in style.

20th November '19: LITTLE STAGE CLUB

Plans changed on the Wednesday night (as is the way with these things) and the scheduled show at Tik-Nord was unfortunately un-scheduled. However, this did not dampen the CTL spirit, and the duo headed to a local open mic night at a trendy bar called the Little Stage Club. They played a few of their tracks, including upcoming single release "Puppy Dog", to an attentive group of musicians and gig-goers.

21st November '19: EVEN THE BEST LAID PLANS

With Thursday came another cancelled show. So the guys took it upon themselves to check out the nightlife in the capital. They walked and walked, finally settling in the smokers lounge right next door to their hostel - Three Little Pigs Hostel, Berlin.

22nd November '19: ARCANOA

Friday night took Change the Letter to Arcanoa, a great little venue, a little out the way of the main streets: unique, trendy and friendly. CTL plugged in and belted out their songs to a very attentive audience, even managing to sell a CD!


The last day of the tour. Woke up, had breakfast, prepared for the early morning hostel exit and train to airport. Then the final performance of the tour. A street gig outside an off-licence. Cool eh? We managed to make a few euro's, sell a CD and then had a few in a nearby bar before heading back to the hostel for a a brief sleep.

So that's that. Berlin done! We have been asked to go back next year so keep an eye out for that. But for now, we have one more gig in 2019 - Cantina Bar, Paignton, Thursday 5th December. Following that is the release of the brand new single "Puppy Dog". More details on that soon.

But for now...auf Wiedersehen.

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