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Change the Letter 2021: All Change as CTL look towards 2021 & Beyond

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Change the Letter blog post August 2nd 2020.
#CTL2021: CTL look towards 2021 and beyond.

#CTL2021: It was all going so well. 2020 was set to be a breakout year for Change the Letter, with plans for the debut full-length album, festivals booked and a return tour of Europe.

Then Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdown changed everything. But you know that! It changed everything for everyone!

Change the Letter live in Newquay, Cornwall. On stage at Newquay Sessions 2019.
Change the Letter live in Newquay, Cornwall, July 2019.


So Change the Letter are looking to 2021. The journey back begins here.

Indeed, there are no live performances booked in for the foreseeable; but there is new music coming, with a string of single releases set for the remainder of the year, including "Heroes Winning", "Run & Hide" and "Late Night Lullaby".



The upcoming singles, and all subsequent releases, will be distributed independently, as Change the Letter have chosen not to renew their contract with Dr John's Surgery Records.

The parting of ways is an amicable one, and the guys would like to thank John and crew for their support over the past year. We wish them all the best as they progress the label and expand into new ventures.

CTL's debut e.p (These Quiet Streets) and follow up single (Puppy Dog) remain available for streaming and download through the label until the expiration of the current contract, at which point both will be re-released independently.

Change the Letter would also like to thank Tobias Panton for his friendship and contributions to the band since joining in January. However, moving forward, CTL will be reverting back to a duo. Again, this was an amicable decision and the guys continue forward on good terms.

So as Change the Letter reboot and move forward, we hope you will come along for the ride. A big thank you all for your support over the past 18 months or so. We will keep you up to date with the latest news and information right here at and on all our social media platforms as it happens.

Stay safe, stay happy.

All the best


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