Change the Letter, roots music duo from Cornwall. Rob Phillimore and Rob Griffiths.


Highly touted project from the heart of Cornwall, fusing American rock and country influence with British folk songwriting to craft honest, relatable and memorable songs.

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Heroes winning

"Heroes Winning" is the brand new single from Change the Letter. Available to stream & download from all major digital music platforms 17/08/2020.

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Change the Letter "Heroes Winning" singl
Change the Letter Newquay Sessions Rob Griffiths

‘Just Another Morning’ drifts like a Weller track with a Jam-esque quality to the mournful strumming and vocals full of regret and missed opportunities.

"[Whatever Will Be] sounds like a Jefferson Airplane acoustic jam on a beach while the sun rises"

- Listen with Monger

"fusing something approaching the baggy sound with 60s West Coast guitar-pop and that is an interesting prospect to say the least. Could this be the birth of the Kernowfornia sound?"

- Listen with Monger


Stream & download all music releases from Change the Letter, including 'These Quiet Streets' & 'Puppy Dog'.

Change the Letter Newquay Sessions Rob Phillimore

‘These Quiet Streets’ by Change The Letter is a modern acoustic-pop powerhouse, with rhythmic melodies and gentle vocals embezzled with clarity and focus throughout. Lyrically rich and distinguishably creative whilst still maintaining familiar structures, each track trembles parallel with its own fragility and dynamic impact that really rounds of this five-song seductress. The entire EP has its own little grey cloud floating around it, letting small amounts of positive light through but ultimately remains covered in a veil of darkness, eclectically combining it with an underlying feeling of serenity that is suited for those who love to submit to the shadows – but not too much.


Change the Letter Newquay Sessions Rob G


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